MACD Indicator Revealing a “Sell” on Shares of Varex Imaging Corp (VREX)

Investors may be studying recent technical signals on shares of Varex Imaging Corp (VREX). Watching the longer-term MACD oscillator indicator, we have seen that the signal is Sell. The MACD is typically used to add up bullish or bearish price movements. The direction of the MACD signal is currently Weakest. Taking a peek at the 50-day parabolic time/price signal, we can see the signal is right now displaying a Buy. Let’s take a quick gander at some recent stock price activity. At the time of writing, the high price for the current session is 31.22. On the other end of the spectrum, the low price for the session is currently 30.34. After noting recent price levels, we can see that the change from today’s open is right now -0.9.

For many individual investors, deciding the proper time to sell a stock may be just as vital as figuring out which stocks to buy at the outset. Investors may be reviewing the portfolio and studying at some stocks that have taken off and made a big run to the upside. When this occurs, investors may are required to make the tough decision of whether to take some profits or hold out for further gains. Because every scenario is different, investors may want to dig a little deeper into the fundamentals before making a decision. If the stock’s fundamentals have weakened, it might be time to reassess the position. 

Investors may be trying to identify volume trends over time. Some investors may look for consistency, while others may be interested in peculiar activity. Taking a look at some historical average volume numbers, Varex Imaging Corp (VREX) has a 1 month average of 313023, a 3 month average of 345759. Focusing on another technical indicator, the stock currently has a 9 day raw stochastic value of 57.44%. This value (ranging from 0-100%) shows where the stock price closed relative to the price range over the given timeframe.

The current broker rating on shares of Varex Imaging Corp (VREX) is 4.3333333333333. This is based on a scale where a 5 would indicate a Strong Buy, a 4 would equal a Moderate Buy, 3 a hold, 2 a moderate sell, and a rating of 1 would indicate a Strong Sell. Investors often like to keep track of what the sell-side analysts think about certain stocks. Professional Street analysts that cover specific stocks may have deeper knowledge regarding the current health of the enterprise. Analysts may be more active around earnings report periods. They will often make updates to estimates prior to and after a enterprise’s quarterly release. Shifting gears, we can take a brief look at how the stock has fared over the past year. After a recent look, we have noted that the stock’s high price over the past 52-weeks is right now 39.39. Over the same timeframe, shares have dipped to a low of 21.57. Investors and analysts will be curious to see how shares perform heading into the second half of the calendar year.

Keeping tabs on some nonstandard data, we can see that the stock has a current weighted alpha of -5.70. The weighted alpha measures how much shares have increased or decreased over the full year time frame. The weighting assigns greater emphasis on more recent activity giving a more relevant add up for short-term technical analysts to use. A positive weighted alpha reading reveals that the stock has risen over the last year. A negative reading would indicate that the stock is down over that same time timeframe. Technical traders often use the weighted alpha to assist identify stocks that are building momentum.

Stock analysis may be used to determine which shares the investor should buy, and at what price they should buy. Many investors will search for stocks that are currently undervalued. Fundamental research may involve scouring the balance sheet to spot a solid enterprise. Many investors will use financial ratios to assist determine which shares to purchase. Some of the more prime ratios are return on equity, EPS, price to earnings, and dividend yield. Applying the same type of research across the board may assist the investor spot stocks that present a good opportunity for future growth. 

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