Pfizer‘s JAK inhibitors show positive effect in mid-stage alopecia areata study

Pfizer (NYSE:) positive results from a Phase 2a clinical trial evaluating JAK3 inhibitor PF-06651600 and TYK2/JAK1 inhibitor PF-06700841 in patients with moderate-to-severe alopecia areata (AA), an autoimmune disorder characterized by hair loss. The data were presented the EADV Congress in Paris.

Both candidates demonstrated statistically significant treatment effects (hair regrowth at week 24 versus baseline as measured by a 100-point scale called SALT score) compared to placebo. Specifically, average SALT scores for patients receiving the JAK3 inhibitor and TYK2/JAK1 inhibitor were 33.6 and 49.5, respectively, on a placebo-adjusted basis (both p values were less than 0.0001).

All secondary endpoints were also met.

On the safety front, the categories of the most common adverse events were infections, gastrointestinal and skin/subcutaneous tissue. There were no cases of herpes zoster reactivation.

The company plans to advance Breakthrough Therapy-tagged PF-06651600 into Phase 3 development for AA and will continue to evaluate it in rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn‘s, and ulcerative colitis (UC). PF-06700841 will continue to be assessed in Crohn‘s, psoriasis and UC.

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